Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions For 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions:

  1. Write more reviews: I am horrible about writing reviews. This year I will write at least something for most of the books I read. I’m not saying I have to review every single book I read, but at least try to write something for most of them. Even if that something is just a short paragraph.
  2. Finish more series: I have over 100 series on the go. I don’t have to complete or get up to date on all of them, but I would like to finish some.
  3. No more TBRs: I will still make them for read-a-thons but no more monthly TBRs. I am a mood reader. I need to be okay with that.
  4. Get my TBR pile under 500 books: I don’t even know how I ended up with so many unread books in my bedroom. Obviously I buy too many books.
  5. Buy fewer books: I added (with the help of my mom) over 200 books to my selves last year. There is no need for me to get that many books in a year. Maybe if I was someone who actually read 150+ books in a year but I’m not. So I need to cut down on the amount of books I get.
  6. Read some non fiction: I have found out that I really enjoy non fiction. So obviously, I need to read more of it.
  7. Read more science fiction: Last year I found out that I love to read science fiction. I need to read more.
  8. Read more classics: I love classics. Most of my favorite books are classics. I hardly read any last year.
  9. Read more horror: Same as the classics. I love horror. I grew up reading Goosebumps and watching horror movies with my dad. For some reason I just don’t read horror anymore. This needs to change.
  10. Stop with the guilt and the stress: Reading and blogging are supposed to be fun. There is nothing wrong with playing video games or sitting down with my dad to marathon a show. I don’t need to be reading every second that I’m awake. It’s okay to spend some time doing other stuff. I need to stop feeling guilty about doing other things. I need to have fun with read-a-thons, challenges and blogging. No more guilt and no more stress.

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions For 2016

    • Same here. 2014 was so great for me. I mean I actually read 6 classics in January. I read a bunch of them that year. I don’t know what happened in 2015. I’m hoping to read at least one a month this year.

  1. Great list! You’re the…third? blogger now I’ve seen with “write more reviews” on their resolutions; I can’t wait to see what books you read and write things for (even small ones are great, in my opinion. apparently there’s someone who does haiku reviews!? I think that’s just awesome)

    What are some of your favorite horror books?

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