Review: Legend Destiny by Nance Bulow Morgan

9394711Legend Destiny by Nance Bulow Morgan

Details: Paperback, 338 pages
Publication: August 27th 2010 by Outskirts Press
Source: I think I got it for review when I still had my old blog.
Buy it: Book Depository
My Rating: 4 stars

Summary: Legend Destiny found an ordinary girl embarking on a journey to control her extraordinary powers.
It made her an extraordinary heroine on a mission to retake her city and her people from an oppressive overlord hell bent to destroy them.

Review: This book is so good you. You need to check it out. It’s not the most amazing book, but it is fun and I really enjoyed it. That is why I gave it four stars. It is probably a three star book, but the fact that I didn’t want to put it down, that I had to know what would happen next made me bump it up to four stars. I get distracted very easily so the fact that I read this in two days says something. You should check this one out.

Note: This is an older review. So I don’t feel like I can get more into what I liked and disliked about it. Maybe someday I will re-read Legend Destiny and do another review. Better reviews (hopefully) in the future.

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