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Wednesday morning I was sitting on the couch reading when my dad walked in with a surprise for me. He had a box full of books! Tuesday night someone my dad works with brought in a bunch of books his wife didn’t want anymore and the first thing my dad thought of was me. He grabbed a box and filled it up with these books and brought them home for me.

I also got a few books for review this week. All three of them sound amazing and I can’t wait to read them.

For Review: 


From My Dad: 


7 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves

    • That’s awesome. My poppa gives his books to my uncle to read. I’m supposed to get them when he’s done but I never do. I should probably talk to him about that. 🙂

      My dad usually brings boxes of books home for me about once a year. Where he works they collect books to donate. Last year my dad took a break and found them dumping thousands of books into dumpsters. My dad grabbed boxes and started filling them. He was able to save about 100 of them. I still can’t believe they did that.

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