Coming Back to Blogging.

I used to have a book blog a long time ago and it got to be too much for me at the time. Reading became more work than pleasure, which is never a good thing. I have been wanting to get back in to book blogging for awhile now and even started another blog. However, I have had some trouble with it. I started out on Blogger and that is where I went back to. After creating a blog, and then being unable to get back on to continue with it, I decided to try some place new. That is how I came to be on wordpress.

I am very upset about the fact that I have at least two months worth of posts, mostly reviews, lined up ready to go and now I can’t get back on. They are scheduled, so they will be posting automatically and there is nothing I can do to stop it. So my plan is to just copy and paste my reviews from this other blog until they run out on there.  This is not something I wanted to do, but I am not going to have the reviews that I worked so hard on, be on another blog that I can’t use, when I can have them here. So if you happen to see the reviews I post here, on another blog, that is why. This should only last until March or April of 2013. After that, I believe there wont be anything else going up on the blog I can no longer get onto.

I hope this blog will be as fun as my old one was, and that you, whoever you are, follow and leave comments so I can get to know you. Feel free to recommend books to me. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. You can also add me on Goodreads, follow me on Twitter or send me an email at